2017 Silage Burn Down Days Day 1 August 25

Attached you’ll find the final “tally” and results from our 1st 2017 Corn Silage Burn-Down event held yesterday, Friday August 25th at our Agronomy location in St. Charles. Thanks in particular to the Agronomy staff & employees who opened-up their location to us and pitched-in the help with this event ! Without everyone's help something like this would not be possible !!

Although we chopped & tested about 1/3rd less samples than we normally have, it was not necessarily a huge surprise considering the spread-out planting we had this spring along with a slightly “cooler” growing season. As you look through the results you’ll find that our overall average moisture content on 53 samples was ~ 70.68%.  We always add 3 or 4 points to make a realistic attempt at addressing field variation etc. so that puts the actual field average moisture @ about 74 or 75%.  The range was a single sample as LOW as 68% (71-72) and a single sample as HIGH as 76% (79-80). 

The most obvious difference I’ve seen this year versus last, is that our Kernel development or maturation is not as far along … with approximately 85-90% of our samples still in the 3/4ths “milk-line” area … in other words the GRAIN side of the equation is going to leave us a little more time to get to the point of optimum harvest condition.  This will particularly ring-true if we continue on the path of below-normal temperatures.

Please feel free to share this information with whomever it seems appropriate. I believe we will have a much busier event in Plainview on September 8th. While some may actually be chopping or have some Silage put-up by then, it appears the bulk of it will achieve the maturity we’re looking for sometime shortly thereafter.   

Look forward to seeing all of you in Plainview on the 8th 😊

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