We Roast Raw Soybeans!  09/09/13 2:20:27 PM

Roasted Soybeans
At All American Co-op we manufacture roasted soybeans at our Stewartville plant. Besides producing what we need for our own mixing needs we have had great success producing roasted soybeans for many area companies in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. We offer quality products to sell to producers and feed manufacturers throughout the upper Midwest.
The guaranteed analysis of our product is as follows:
        Protein                    37% min
        Bypass Protein     59% (Acpt Rng 56-60%)
        Fat                           18% min
        Fiber                         6% max
We sample and test every batch of soybeans that are run thru our roaster. This ensures that we are providing a consistant, quality product every time. Roasted soybeans have been recognized as an excellent high energy ingredient; an excellent source of bypass protein, and excellent source of amino acids, vitamins, and other essential nutrients for dairy, beef, and horse rations 


The Roasting Process
An efficient gas burner heats air which passes through the fully perforated floor of the roasting chamber. Grain is gently floated and turned in a liquid-like bath of hot air. The high velocity air stream creates turbulence in the product and at the same time removes light foreign material and dust that is directed to the cyclone. When the roasting process is done, the soybeans are then allowed to cool before being moved to a storage unit. We sell both bulk and bagged, whole and rolled roasted soybeans at all of our feed facilities. If you would like to know more about our product or prices please give us a call at our Stewartville office. (507) 533-4222 or (888) 354-4058

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